Raid Lockout Extensions

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Hello, extra week of Yogg attempts...

Hello, extra week of Yogg attempts...

So by now, most of us have heard about this new feature in the upcoming patch 3.2. What it is is a button which, when activated, will prevent your raid from resetting at the next reset period. A lot of people are showing mixed emotions on this subject, but I for one am greatly looking forward to this feature.

My guild is pretty casual, only raiding once or twice a week, and we’d really like to see some of the later bosses of Ulduar, like the keepers and General and even Yogg-Saron. We’re geared enough to get there, we just don’t play enough to progress that far in one lockout. So, this gives us the chance to see some of that latter content. I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of taking down a boss more than just hoping for loot, so i very much look forward to using this.

How about you guys?


Mage Tier 9 Analysis

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Alright, so maybe my last article was  a wee bit outdated, given that tier 8 has been out for a few months now, it doesn’t really need an analysis. It was just something that had been on my mind and I felt like it needed to be said.

Anyway, today I’m going to write about something a little more recent and relevant. Mage Tier Nine…we all want it right? Maybe, maybe not, let’s find out.

Reminder, these are the latest tier bonuses on the PTR and subject to change, so don’t hate me if something changes.

So, let’s start out by checking out the two piece set bonus:

Increases the armor you gain from Ice Armor by 20%, the mana regeneration you gain from Mage Armor by 10%, and converts and additional 15% of your spirit into critical strike rating while Molten Armor is active.


What is this? Seriously? In my opinion, this is one of the worst tier bonuses I have ever seen. Extra Armor from Ice Armor? Does anyone even use that while raiding? Sure, I use Mage Armor while raiding, but 10% is barely a difference, and not really going to change the fact that the arcane rotation sucks the mana out of you like a beastly mosquito. I suppose that an extra percentage of spirit converting to crit will be somewhat beneficial to fire and frostfire mages, but it’s still less than awesome.

Alright, so maybe the four piece bonus makes up for this lackluster two piece bonus?

Increases the critical strike chance of your Fireball, Frostbolt, Frostfire Bolt, Arcane Missiles, and Arcane Blast spells by 5%.

Umm…I’m not really sure what to think about this one. Crit is nice, but is it really something we mages want as our tier bonus? It’s nice that the benefit is applied to two spells for arcane mages. Like I said, the jury is still out on this one for me.

So, final impressions: If you are a fire or a frostfire mage, you will be one happy caster if you manage to get four pieces of this set. Extra crit from molten armor stacked with a flat out 5% increase of crit on your main nukes will have you critting like a beast. For us arcane raiders, this tier is not as good as some other bonuses. I’m still reluctant to give up my tier 7 two piece bonus. That extra mana from mana gems is a godsend.

Tier 8 Analysis

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Alright so I’ve had this blog for about 45 minutes so far and I’m ready to post my first serious article, specifically, an analysis of the mage tier eight armor set. Even more specifically, I want to comment on the set bonuses. So, here’s the first one:

“2Piece Bonus — Your Arcane Blast, Frostbolt, Frostfire Bolt, and Fireball spells have a chance to grant you 350 spell power for 15 sec.”

Now, this is awesome. It’s essentially a trinket effect built into the armor set. Extra spellpower = Extra dps. Yes Please. This sounds good to me and I look forward to getting this bonus.

However…this brings us to the four piece bonus:

“4Piece Bonus — You have a chance for the effect of your Missile Barrage, Hot Streak, or Brain Freeze talent not to be consumed when you cast the spells which benefit.”

This one I have mixed feelings on. It seems like Blizzard had only one spec in mind when this set bonus was created: fire (and I suppose frostfire, so make that two specs)

If you are a mage and you are fire or frostfire spec, go for this bonus. This bonus gives you a chance to get off multiple instant pyroblasts in a row (I’ve heard tales of people casting up to six or seven pyros at a time) which equates to a significant amount of damage, and a good dps increase.

However, much of the mage community, including myself, plays an arcane spec for PvE, in which case, this bonus doesn’t do much for us. Sure, we could cast multiple Missile Barrages in a row, but do we really want to? The answer is no. The Arcane rotation involves getting three stacks of Arcane Blast  up any mob before casting any other spell, Missile Barrage included. Without this damage increase, Missile Barrage is not your top priority spell.

So, if this bonus were to proc, I would not use it immediately. I would stick to my rotation and start casting Arcane Blast again, which, without the tier 8 bonus, would probably proc Missile Barrage anyway.

That make sense? I feel like I started to ramble a bit…

Anyway, in conclusion, I intend to attempt to get the two piece bonus, but not the four piece. Instead, I’ll keep the tier 7 two piece bonus. This means I get a chance for extra spellpower off of my main nukes, extra mana from gems, and spell power from gems as well.

Sounds good to me.

P.S. – I neglected to include frost in this analysis because if you’re raiding as frost, let’s face it, you have other articles to read than this blog. Might I suggest ElitistJerks?

Mage Table Plz!

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...anyone else ever get tired of summoning these?

...anyone else ever get tired of summoning these?

Alright so this is the first post on the new magetable blog. Pretty impressive huh? No? Why not? There’s a picture! Of a mage table! It’s relevent to the title of the blog! You don’t like it?  *sniff*

Anyway, enough QQ over my (awesome) picture.

So, some quick information about myself and this new blog:

I play a mage on the Cho’gall server. (yeah, level 80…be impressed)

I love raiding, instancing, and all things PvE, if you’re looking for a PvP blog, go somewhere else, I don’t like it that much.

I don’t want this blog to just be a collection of random documents, it will hopefully be informative and useful to us mages. I read up on all sorts of sites, keeping abreast of news and updates, specs and glyphs, PTR changes and strategies. I’m going to try and make this a useful resource for mages to find editorials and opinions on the state of the class, as well as some other fun stuff.

So I’ll try and update this when I can, assuming I have some people reading it!