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Shared Topic: What does it mean to be Horde / Alliance?

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While browsing the Blog Azeroth forums today I came upon an interesting topic that I decided to contribute to myself. It posed the question: What does it mean to you to be a member of the Horde / Alliance?

Now myself, every character is a member of the Horde, been that way since my first toon. However, that was always an issue of aesthetics; I liked the look of  the Horde races (except trolls, I refuse to roll one). Until recently, I never really felt as if I were a member of anything greater, I didn’t think about Thrall or Sylvanas as anything other than NPCs. That is, until I did the Wrathgate questline. For anyone who hasn’t done it yet, I command you to go do it now. This questline is amazing, with great story, great characters, and an absolutely epic cutscene.

After doing this quest, I found myself with a newfound respect and loyalty to the Horde. Sylvanas is my now favorite character, and I’m proud to serve under her as a member of the Forsaken. After this quest chain, I spent three hours on WowWiki just reading up on all the lore I could find, and I fell in love with it. There truly are some amazing stories behind these places and characters.

So that’s what it means to be a Horde for me now. It means that I will never roll an Alliance character, not only because I hate them for ganking me in Hillsbrad, but because I now respect and admire the Horde lore and characters too much. And, as i said in my forum post, it means that I have to support Garrosh’s hatred of Varian, even if I don’t agree with his hotheaded methods.

What does it mean to you all to be a member of your faction?



Raid Lockout Extensions

Posted in Non mage articles on July 8, 2009 by solomonx
Hello, extra week of Yogg attempts...

Hello, extra week of Yogg attempts...

So by now, most of us have heard about this new feature in the upcoming patch 3.2. What it is is a button which, when activated, will prevent your raid from resetting at the next reset period. A lot of people are showing mixed emotions on this subject, but I for one am greatly looking forward to this feature.

My guild is pretty casual, only raiding once or twice a week, and we’d really like to see some of the later bosses of Ulduar, like the keepers and General and even Yogg-Saron. We’re geared enough to get there, we just don’t play enough to progress that far in one lockout. So, this gives us the chance to see some of that latter content. I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of taking down a boss more than just hoping for loot, so i very much look forward to using this.

How about you guys?