Please make the madness stop

This needs to

This needs to

So this isn’t much of a post. I just want to complain. I’m on a populated server, with a horde to ally ratio of about 11:1, where that 1 is debatable, it’s almost all horde. Anyway, one of my favorite part of the game is instancing. In addition to this, I’m in the process of leveling a druid, of of whom’s specs is resto. I love healing instances with him, but as of right now, I’m unable to. I haven’t even been able to try out Wild Growth yet because I haven’t been in a group to use it. This extends into my main, my mage, where I’m unable to farm new emblems as efficiently as I would like, and prohibits me from raiding. I understand some of this is occurring because of the many other people running heroics now that the patch has dropped, but please Blizzard, do something about this and let me enjoy my game again. Are you guys being affected by this as much as I am?


2 Responses to “Please make the madness stop”

  1. I’m also an instance lover and smashing face into the portals are not fun at all. Patch 3.2 seems to have just made it worse:(

  2. Oh yes. I haven’t been able to get into any instance other than Naxx for a week. They really need to fix this problem pronto.

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