Longing for the olden days?

Something happened yesterday during an Ulduar run.

I was asked a question that I haven’t been asked in a long time.

You want to know what it was?

“Can that mob be polymorphed?”

Yes, that’s right. For the first time since level 70, I was actually asked to sheep something in the middle of a raid. Needless to say, I was very excited, this was a flashback to the days of BC where crowd control was necessary and mages were wanted for the awesome sheeping abilities. I quickly set my focus on the marked enemy and dusted off the old sheep spell, ready to go. So we pull this group of mobs (Freya trash, for those of you wondering), and after a minute or so, I came to a realization.

Sheeping stinks.

I was constantly switching targets and lowering my dps in order to re-sheep the mob because of all the AoE going on, and in the end, it didn’t really do a lot of good. I don’t know about you guys, but as a mage, I like to try to top the meters. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll sacrifice damage output for the good of the raid on bosses such as Ignis where I’m in charge of killing the adds, but I don’t enjoy it too much.

So this got me wondering, why does everyone reminisce about the BC days of complicated raiding as if they were so much more enjoyable. We have it much better now, where we can just focus fire on the mobs we need to and do a lot of damage, and I’m enjoying that. Back in BC, mages weren’t actually desired for anything other than their sheeping abilities (as well as water and ports, but that’s about it). I remember doing a Sunwell trash run where I was specifically told to do nothing but sheep my assigned mob. Now that was boring. These days, I’m enjoying raiding much more due to the fact that I can actually be a part of downing the boss, instead of just watching the time left on my polymorph spell so I know when to refresh it.

So how about you guys? Do you miss the olden days? Or are you happy with what is right now?


5 Responses to “Longing for the olden days?”

  1. Ah… The “good ol’ days”. I miss them, though yet I don’t at the same time..

    Things I do Miss

    – WoW was a brand new game to me at the time. You can’t beat the initial awe you had at stepping into a brand-new zone or raid encounter for the very first time.
    – The HUGE Tarren Mill / Southshore battles. Sure, they still take place today, but not with such magnitude.
    – The same can be said about the Blackrock Mountain chain battles… Man, forming up for a BWL or MC raid could be seriously delayed because 40-mans from opposing sides would cause trouble with one another.
    – Call me masochistic, but I kinda liked being on banish duty on MC runs. My raid leader sighing and saying “AFK for scotch” if one of the warlocks re-banished accidentally was priceless.

    Things I Don’t Miss

    – While 40 man raids were epic feeling and all… It was like herding cats and the hunters and melee dps could go AFK for a sandwich during a boss fight without being noticed.
    – The sheer inaccessibility of raiding. If you wanted to see end-game, you had to join a raiding guild. Period. While I don’t consider myself a purple chaser, I do want to see the encounters, ya know?
    – The lack of non-stop flights to a destination. Remember when you couldn’t fly from Point A to Point B with a click of a button? No…it was Point A -> B -> C -> D and so on…
    – ONE GRAVEYARD IN THE BARRENS. I refused to level there for the longest time due to that.
    – Hybrids being pigeonholed into a spec. Made a shaman? Resto. Druid? Resto. Paladin? Holy.

    I’m sure I missed some, but that’s all I can remember for now. People do long for the olden days and think they were better, but they’re generally looking through rose-tinted glasses… Things are SO much better now, in my opinion. Good post, by the way. I enjoyed it!

  2. I use a polymorph focus macro that sets my target as my focus and will sheep my FOCUS, not my target. Therefore i can keep my target as skull but repoly as needed, without ever having to retarget my focus. No switching targets = more time to blow up mobs!

  3. Nostalgic for Burning Crusade raiding as a mage? Eeeew! Having a 10% tax imposed on your dps for the duration of an entire expansion because you were doing well as a class in Karazahn? Newsflash, Kara isn’t end game raiding, and there’s NO mage crowd control in there, of COURSE we did well on dps! Or how about being totally outclassed by a warlock spamming Shadowbolt simply because his dps scaled with his gear and you had a shadow priest in the raid? Or the slap in the face that was the Kiru’s Song of Victory buff in Sunwell? Yes folks, with this buff you didn’t even need to bring a mage along for the Intellect buff, which combined with the Warlock/Shadow Priest one-button spec meant that each of the top 10 world raiding guilds all said when asked that mages were the biggest waste of time in The Burning Crusade. I had fun raiding in BC, but only because I was lucky enough to belong to a guild that didn’t care what class you were as long as you researched the fights, reached a minimum dps standard and did your best.

    Vanilla WoW on the other hand.. Blackwing Lair, shall I count the ways I love thee? Although I do still wake up screaming about the goblin packs. 🙂

  4. Sheeping still rocks, you just need to coordinate with the tank so u can sheep the mob from a safe distance from the AOE damage. In raids I dont use sheeping TBH, however in regulair HC instance runs I feel it’s nesesary to do it if the tank or healer isnt…. well… skilled.

    Just my 2 cents =)

  5. I actually wrote an article about sheeping in raids which would address the problems you’re mentioning here (I have macros, etc). You can find it at http://doyoumindifiplay.blogspot.com/2009/08/cast-polymorph-lost-art-of-crowd.html

    But I think the answer is yes, I did prefer some of the older instances. I certainly preferred the progression pattern – tiers being gained over a combination of instances, as opposed to Wrath’s very strict t7 from Naxx, t8 from Ulduar, t9 from ToC and that’s it. Also, Karazahn music was amazing.

    I also preferred the way in which TBC raids were normally the culmination of a long quest chain which gave you a good reason to go into the instance from a story perspective. This is in stark contrast to Naxx, where Blizzard basically said “This is endgame, do it. Don’t ask why. Oh, and we’ll leave it there for 6 months. SIX MONTHS.”

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