Shared Topic: What does it mean to be Horde / Alliance?

While browsing the Blog Azeroth forums today I came upon an interesting topic that I decided to contribute to myself. It posed the question: What does it mean to you to be a member of the Horde / Alliance?

Now myself, every character is a member of the Horde, been that way since my first toon. However, that was always an issue of aesthetics; I liked the look of  the Horde races (except trolls, I refuse to roll one). Until recently, I never really felt as if I were a member of anything greater, I didn’t think about Thrall or Sylvanas as anything other than NPCs. That is, until I did the Wrathgate questline. For anyone who hasn’t done it yet, I command you to go do it now. This questline is amazing, with great story, great characters, and an absolutely epic cutscene.

After doing this quest, I found myself with a newfound respect and loyalty to the Horde. Sylvanas is my now favorite character, and I’m proud to serve under her as a member of the Forsaken. After this quest chain, I spent three hours on WowWiki just reading up on all the lore I could find, and I fell in love with it. There truly are some amazing stories behind these places and characters.

So that’s what it means to be a Horde for me now. It means that I will never roll an Alliance character, not only because I hate them for ganking me in Hillsbrad, but because I now respect and admire the Horde lore and characters too much. And, as i said in my forum post, it means that I have to support Garrosh’s hatred of Varian, even if I don’t agree with his hotheaded methods.

What does it mean to you all to be a member of your faction?



8 Responses to “Shared Topic: What does it mean to be Horde / Alliance?”

  1. cataclysmsedge Says:

    The factions are something I had / have a problem with. My first character was a Dwarf Hunter, I just loved the way he looked and being on a RP realm, was quite fun to RP with.

    Problem is I don’t really like Elves…of any sort so as much as I’d love a druid I couldn’t see myself playing one…ever. Blood Elves are x10 worse and them alone are a reason I won’t roll a Horde character, they just don’t look “Horde” to me, and besides the whole Blood Elf story line really doesn’t interest me, same as the Orcs really.

    Orcs are a race that have so much story behind them but it just doesn’t click with me, which is strange because I like the Draenei story arc and it has quite a few similarities with the Orcs and even quite a lot of cross over.

    Faction used to mean everything, now it means hardly anything. Most of the day we stand side by side in Dalaran, it just feels like we’re part of “one big faction” but can only talk to half of its members.

    • While the orc aesthetic doesn’t really appeal to me, they are funny in a way and I like them because I’ve played wc3 before. As for not playing druids because of the elf aesthetic, maybe you should play a tauren druid, Cata:D

      Sylvanis I’ve liked from wc and dota XD
      I liked her more in wow after they finally updated her graphics. And personally, she has the best buff during wrathgate imo:P

  2. Strangely enough, I’ve been switching back and forth between the Horde and Alliance for…over 2 years now?

    I’ve put in a lot of time to both sides, and multiple times I’ve thought “I’ll never go back to ____ faction!”

    Even now, I’m trying to decide which one I should go with.

    I love the Alliance, Aesthetically, and their storyline in WOTLK is so much fun. I feel like I’m extremely involved with everything going on, whereas when I played it on my Horde, I felt bored like I was “just leveling”.

    Blood Elves are my favorite class; that’s right, I’m a “pretty-boy”. But who cares, because the general Alliance theme attracts me much more.

    Everytime I play on the Horde, and see those nice alliance towns and housing, I feel like I’m missing out on “home”.
    Yet when I play Alliance, and see anything related to a Blood Elf, I feel like I’m missing out on the “fun”.

    Community wise, I’ve noticed that both factions have their equal share of jackasses and noobs, yet I must say the Alliance does tend to have generally nicer people, despite the fact that they have a larger population; thus equating out to more noobs and longer BG waits.
    The Horde definitely has a larger share of jerks, but I’ve also made a lot of good friends there.

    I love the Ally mounts more, and the general races and themes more, and for some reason, the “blue” colors just appeal more to me. (Strange, because I’m a Leo)

    At any rate, I suppose I’ll never find where I enjoy playing more, because I constantly change my mind about every 2 weeks.

  3. I am rather stricken with the horde. Ive always rolled them. However as of late it seems that not playing an Alliance is almost like buying a game and only playing half of it. Not to mention I’ve played through every Horde start zone so many times leveling feels like im on auto pilot.

    So I start an Alliance character and I feel dirty around level 10. The game almost seems to envoke a sort of weird racism in me. Its something I just cant seem to get over, but want to very badly.

  4. Hey guys,
    To be an Horde soldier means very much to me. It means what I believe and what a hate. As a Horde orc soldier I believe that Thrall is the warchief, but that Garrosh have some reason in what he did with that human king. As a Horde blood elf mage I believe that the Scourge must pay withe their non-lives for what Arthas made. As a Horde I believe that humas and their friends must be hated for all they did with us.
    Belong to the Horde means to me very much of what my character believe and hate.

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    I confirm. All above told the truth. Let’s discuss this question. Here or in PM.

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