Raid Lockout Extensions

Hello, extra week of Yogg attempts...

Hello, extra week of Yogg attempts...

So by now, most of us have heard about this new feature in the upcoming patch 3.2. What it is is a button which, when activated, will prevent your raid from resetting at the next reset period. A lot of people are showing mixed emotions on this subject, but I for one am greatly looking forward to this feature.

My guild is pretty casual, only raiding once or twice a week, and we’d really like to see some of the later bosses of Ulduar, like the keepers and General and even Yogg-Saron. We’re geared enough to get there, we just don’t play enough to progress that far in one lockout. So, this gives us the chance to see some of that latter content. I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of taking down a boss more than just hoping for loot, so i very much look forward to using this.

How about you guys?


One Response to “Raid Lockout Extensions”

  1. I’m all for it. Those who don’t need the extension can opt not to, and those who need it can benefit:)

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